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Fatima: “When 1000 women will gather, I will be there”





Many women have asked us and that is understandable. This definitely is an unusual event. There is no program, no-one leading, nobody knows what will happen, nor if something will happen at all, or what we have to do. So what to explain to the women you want to invite?


All we know is that when we hear the Mother call – that deep feminine voice within – being women or men, we can either neglect the call, or trust it and act upon it. And then start the pilgrimage. Not knowing precisely why.

Slowly and gradually on our way we might discover what it could be about. It could be about incarnating deeper, about trusting or empowering the feminine, about healing historical disbalances, about restoring the masculine and feminine, about shifting the human consciousness, about saving our children’s future, about bringing in compassion in the world, about creating a heart space, affluence and peace… Could be about all this and more. Could be different for all of us. Could be… But we will never fully know why until we are there, and sometimes we only even understand afterwards. “Expect the unexpected.” “Let go of the outcome.” “Just walk the road.”


So it is a personal pilgrimage in which everyone of us gathers personal and collective information on what it could be about, while walking the call – and by doing so we are giving the Mother or the Goddess her 1000 names and 1000 faces. All being different, and all walking a different path, and still deciding to join hands, connecting our hearts, despite differences and difficulties, and focussing on that same point in space and time. "What happens when women decide to trust the unknown and gather alltogether?" "What does that bring about…?" 


So all of us are bringing in our piece of the puzzle, to finally let go of all the stories, sit together in ceremonial space, sink into silence, surrender to that enormous feminine field we create together, with people on the spot and at home – and witness what wants to reveal itself, within and without. 


So when to join? The important thing is that one way or another you can hear, feel, sense the feminine call to unite and don’t expect anything but your own journey and a meeting with something bigger in and outside you that has been calling you. 


As to the Climate Conference that is starting at that time in Sharm-el-Sheikh (7/11/22): taking the COP27 into account is just a way to explain why we are in Sinai, in a broader context and worldly perspective. Understanding that next to all kinds of mind stuff and mental solutions, we are bringing in the heart stuff and feminine energy in the same area. We could call it yin and yang; adding the energy field that might be missing in the bigger picture. To balance out the feminine and the masculine in ourselves, in the area and in the world. 

Hope we will meet on the mountain or in spirit on November 8!

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