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The invitation is simple: gather a group of women and organize your own stay and meditative climb up Mount Sinai, to join the other groups that will spend the night on the mountain.


1.     Gather a group of women/men who feel prepared  to join this quest. This is not an easy trip, this is definitely not a festival, nor an organized 'event', this is about you going on a personal quest to Sinai.

2.     Decide how long you want to stay in Sinai (for instance 4 - 9 Nov). It might be interesting to combine this event with a visit to Egypt's temples along the Nile, or a stay at the Red Sea, to prepare for the vigil.

3.     Find a hotel or resort on the Red Sea coast: Dahab, Nuweiba, El Shaitan etc. (

4.     Book your flight to Sharm-el-Sheikh, Cairo or Eilat.

5.     Book a bus at your hotel to travel on Nov. 8th to Saint Catherine (1 hour drive).

6.     Start your walk up the mountain at the latest at 2.30 pm, to arrive at the top before sunset
(5 pm). You can walk by foot or camel. Duration: 2.5 hours.  

7.     You will pay an entrance fee at the entrance of Saint Catherine Monastery at the foot of the mountain, and get a bedouin guide (compulsary).

8.     Settle comfortably on top of the mountain or somewhere along the road (without blocking the passage for others) for the night vigil.

9.     Take with you some food, drinks, warm clothes, blankets and resting material, though some kiosks with food, drinks and sleeping places are available along the mountain trip.

10.  In the morning after sunrise (6 am) start to walk down the mountain again (2 hours), where the transport you organized will take you back to your hotel. 

11.  Let's surrender in silence to that which wants to reveal itself, during this whole gathering.

Read more practical information about traveling to Sinai


  • IMPORTANT NOTE: the walk and stay on Mount Sinai is your own full responsibility. Our Team is not 'organizing' this event, it is only spreading the call and is in no way responsible for anything happening during that night. So let’s keep the intention and vibration high so that all goes well. Please respect the local customs.

  • To help each other out in creating this event, we have opened an online SINAI CAFE  on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (7.30 pm to 8.30 pm Brussels time) up to November 8th, with all people interested to join. Check our zoom page to get the link.

  • We can also meet each other on our FACEBOOK PAGE SINAI22 to share questions, answers, ideas, inspiration... concerning this call. It might also be a good place to let others know you organize a trip, especially if there are still places available:



  • Can't make it to Sinai? Then we invite you to organize an evening or night vigil on November 8th 2022 on a sacred placein your own country. :-) 
    Let us know about your event, so we can put your event on our world map
    Let's co-create this event with as many people on the planet as possible!

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