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We heard the call: 'If a 1000 women join on the sacred mountain for one night, I will be in their midst'. So all we can do is to spread the word! We will be there :-)



As the Climate Summit (COP27, 7-18/11/22) has just started off in Sharm-el-Sheikh, for 11 days the world will be focussed on the Earth and what we can do to safeguard its future, or rather: our future. 

Whereas politicians, scientists and all parties concerned will be focussed on facts & figures and the political, economic and rational aspect of the challenge (the usual masculine approach), we would like to add the language of the heart and wisdom, inner guidance, intuition, connection, joy, abundance, … (the expression of the feminine) to broaden the field of consciousness and raise our collective awareness to receive new inspiration. 



Everyone present is warmly invited to connect hearts and spirits to feel the power of focussed intention and raise the field of consciousness in Sinai and the world. Let's sink into a meditative connection together for a whole night and see what will unfold. Might be singing, might be dancing, might be praying, might be artistic expression, might be pure silence and inner revelations, but let it be with respect for the customs of the culture we are invited in. Together we can create magic. 



Everyone feeling the call is welcome. We do not exclude anyone, we invite everyone who wants to join, in all diversity: women, men, bedouins, Egyptians, foreigners, politicians, scientists, thinkers, builders, spiritual leaders, intuitives, dreamers, creative artists… Feel welcome.


The vigil on the mountain will be filmed by Quincy Davis and his team, to raise awareness for our planet and for the sacred valley of Saint Catherine, that has recently been targeted by project builders.


To share questions and insights and build up the even together, we will organize several zoom-events up to November. Check our zoom page.